Future of HSNU Students
We have the most spacious campus in Taipei. Our campus stretches between two main roads in Taipei, Sin-yi Rd. and Jen-ai Rd., measured 8.3 hectares in square measure. The youth and children from all over the country aspire to enter HSNU. Students of HSNU enter universities or colleges in different ways. Some of them enter their dream universities through Recommendation Exam or by applying for admission to universities and they pass exams earlier in March. Others will join the Joint College Entrance Examination in July, with specially made clothes given by HSNU. During the examination, the school principal and teachers also put on the same specially made robe with students to boost their morale.

While “Generals ” go on expeditions, new “Privates” keep on joining the HSNU family. HSNU family is like a big and tall tree while the family members are like branches and leaves. This tree will grow up much stronger, taller and sturdier under the biggest blue sky of Taipei.