The Principles of Our Education

Reasonable regulations, humane guidance and assistance are the principles of our education. We put much emphasis on respective and suitable developments of our students. We help students form good living habits and know their own abilities, aptitudes, interests and specialties by giving advice and counseling. In this way, students are able to make their personal career plans. Mean while volunteer parents are organized and trained to offer help and guidance to those boarding students and those who have difficulties in studying. All members of HSNU family are closely related because of coordination, mutual concern and consideration.

We stress not only character building but also academic education. In order to provide students with a solid foundation of learning and developing their full potentialities, we insist an excellent teaching team. Apart from basic subjects which are aimed to cultivate students’ basic knowledge, we increase our teaching efficiency by improving audiovisual equipment. We carry out prevailing information education to enhance students’ knowledge of computers. We have more than 200 latest computers for students to learn and do their own research. “Distance learning” has already been set up for junior high school students. In addition, senior high students have two-hour “Second foreign language” courses per week, including Japanese, French and German classes. Every week, during group activity hours, we hold different seminars, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, psychology, fine art and music seminars for teachers and students. Through mutual learning, the academic atmosphere is always increasing.

OS: As for the special education, the first Music Experimentation Class among all public senior high schools in Taiwan was established in 1980 in HSNU. Three years later, Music Experimentation Class in Junior High School was also set up. In 1986, we had the establishment of Math & Science Experimentation Class. In 1989, Fine Art Class was established. With students who are extremely outstanding and talented in fine art, music, math or science are enrolled in these classes. We obtain prestigious scholars and experts from domestic universities and colleges. Through such reinforcement, students in these classes all have extraordinary performances.