Address:No.143, Sec.3, Xinyi Rd.,Da’an Dist.,Taipei City 106, Taiwan (ROC)
A Telephone switchboard:886-2-27075215

The Principal’s Office   
ext.101   A Special Telephone:2707-4735    FAX:2702-7490

Office of Studies  FAX:27075133
 -Dean of Studies ext.110    
 -Teaching Section  ext.111    
 -Experiment Study Section  ext.112    
 -Registration Section  ext.113    
 -Trainee Guidance Section  ext.115~116    
 -Teaching Equipment Section  ext.121    
 -Physics Laboratory  ext.141    
 -Chemistry Laboratory  ext.151    
 -Biology Laboratory   ext.161    
 -Fine Art Class 171   FAX:27075202
 -Music Experimentation Class   ext.181   FAX:27081970
 -Technology Building  ext.191    
 -Mimeograph Section   ext.215~216   

Office of Students Affairs   FAX:27077404
 -Dean of Students Affairs  ext.210    
 -Military Instructors’   ext.220~222    
 -Life Guidance Section   ext.223,224
 -Education and Training Section   ext.211,212    
 -Hygiene and Health Care Section   ext.213    
 -Sports Organization Section   ext.271    
 -Health Center   ext.214  
Teachers’ Preparation Office(I)   ext.231~232    
Teachers’ Preparation Office(II)   ext.241~242    
Teachers’ Preparation Office(III)   ext.251~252  
Office of General Affairs  
Special Telephones:2707-5213、2754-2062  FAX:27552706
-Dean of General Affairs   ext.310    
-General Affairs Section  ext.311~313,315    
-Treasurers Section   ext.314    
-Document and File Section   ext.321    
-The Guardroom   ext.331    

Students Counseling Center   
ext.710~712   A Special Telephone:27022584   FAX:27022584

ext.810~811   A Special Telephone:27066412   FAX:27016198

Accounting Office   
ext.520~522   A Special Telephone:27055308   FAX:27010137

Personnel Office   
ext.510~511   A Special Telephone:27072261   FAX:2784-5975

Junior High Division   
ext.610~612,616,617,621,622,623   FAX:27542505
-Teachers’ Preparation Office(I)   ext.613   
-Teachers’ Preparation Office(II)   ext.614    
-Teachers’ Preparation Office(III)   ext.615

Cooperative Association   
ext.800  A Special Telephone:27083826

Computer and Information Network Center   
ext.195~196   FAX:27058112