Experimentation Classes

Experimentation Classes in HSNU  
Students in Music Experimentation Class have formed an orchestra and held concerts for teachers and other students in the Concert Hall every academic year. Moreover, the orchestra has been invited to perform all over the island and abroad and has contributed a lot to cultural exchanges. They are highly praised and positive affirmed from all circles. Math & Science Experimentation Class could be classified into 6 divisions, including math, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and computer science divisions. With teachers’ guidance, students in each division decide their own themes, draft their research plans, do experiments and analyze results with the teachers. Every academic year, all divisions have to accomplish at least one report on a special topic. We arrange opportunities for students to visit laboratories of nearby universities or research centers and do some experiments there. Besides, we also offer students “Self-studying classrooms” so that they can study on their own and proceed researches. On the other hand, there are often various kinds of exhibitions displayed in the gallery of Fine Art Class, such as exhibition of the whole Fine Art Class, of the graduates or of individual groups. Besides, they also have exhibition of outdoor sketches. Recently, in 1996, the symbol of students’ independence, “The Phoenix Bathing in Fire ,” which was already the mural of our central building–Chong-cheng Building — was exactly designed by students in Fine Art Class. We have taken out the patent on this design.