The History of HSNU

This school was established in 1937. It was named “Taipei Provincial 3rd High School” in 1937. After the Retrocession of Taiwan in 1945, it was renamed “Taiwan Provincial Taipei 3rd High School” In 1947, its name was further renamed “The Affiliated High School of Taiwan Provincial Normal College.” In 1979, this school was denominated ” The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University.” The Affiliated Junior High School was founded in the following year. Today, We have 80 senior high classes and 21 junior high classes altogether. Traditionally, the freshmen of senior high school are called “Private,” the juniors are called “Cavalry” and the senior students are called “General” and the whole junior high school students are nicknamed “Recruit”. In this kind of ranking, we are like a family in a castle. Every family member cooperates with each other so that good interactions are generated among students and teachers. By sharing work, members of the family can grow together.

In addition to the cooperation, each school administration does its duties. Take Dean’s Office as an example, we set up Division of Research and Development, Office of Counselors of Student and Office of Art Education to provide students with an ideal environment of acquiring new knowledge and building sound characters. Many of the important school activities, including formal dance held for high school, club activities, graduation ceremony, recreational activities, to name but a few, are projected, prepared and joined by students on their own initiatives. In addition to three major student self-ruling Associations, The Students Association, The Graduates Association and The Clubs Association, students have formed another 48 clubs. These clubs are classified into 6 main categories, including academic clubs, skill-learning clubs, artistic clubs, recreational clubs, physical training clubs and service clubs. Students’ independence and decision-making ability not only our achievement of making efforts to cultivate students’ characters but also that our students highly identify with HSNU.

Taipei Provincial 3rd High School (台北州立第三中學)( Before the Retrocession of Taiwan)

Renamed Taiwan Provincial Taipei 3rd High School (台灣省立台北第三中學)(After the Retrocession of Taiwan)

Renamed Taiwan Provincial Hopin High School (台灣省立和平中學)( Admitting Japanese Students Waiting for Deportation )

Renamed The Affiliated High School of Taiwan Provincial Normal College (台灣省立師範學院附屬中學)

Experimentation of the system of four year junior high school and two-year senior high school

Renamed the Affiliated High School of Taiwan Provincial Normal University; the addition of Mu Cha Branch School (木柵分部)( The Junior high school )

Suspension of Junior High School

Renamed The Affiliated High School of National Taiwan Normal University

Mu Cha Branch School (木柵分部)  changed to Taipei Municipal Shyr-Chial Junior High School (台北市立實踐國民中學)

The Establishment of the Night School of the Senior High School

Renamed The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University

Establishment of Music Experimentation Class and the addition of the Affiliated Junior High School

Gradual suspension of the classes of the night school

The admission of girls in Senior High School and the establishment of Music Experimentation Class in Junior High School1986 Establishment of Math & Science Experimentation Class

Establishment of Fine Arts Class

Establishment of Bilingual Resource Class